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Our clients will always remain anonymous.  No one gets to the top alone, but there is no reason to let anyone know that Opportunity Knocks helped you get there.  Some of our many clients have worked or currently work at the following companies...


“Applying to jobs was like sending my resume into a black hole, until I consulted Aly.  All of a sudden, I was getting responses.  She knows how to rework a resume to get results." - Alexis M.

“Aly is my career guru.  She always knows what to guide me to say to get the job I want and get the salary I need, even when human resources say that there's a limit." - Sarah T.

"Aly was recommended to me by a colleague.  I am a working mom with two young kids and a full time job.  I had no time to update my resume.  I am so glad I hired her.  She put my info into a new format, made some edits and even though I felt like a mess personally, I looked like I had it all together professionally.  I credit her with my new job.  She also provides the best pep talks." - Amanda S.

"I hired Aly when my son was unable to find a job after he graduated from college.  It cost so much less to have her revitalize his resume and job hunt alongside him (ask her about the package we took - she helped him prepare for interviews and crafted his thank you notes) than to financially support him while he slacked off at home.  She spoke to him on the phone and he started to take ownership of his future, but didn't have to handle the tedious job of applying online for jobs.  Essentially, I feel like I made an investment that enabled me to stop nagging and stop stressing.  He's got a great job now and I know he'll turn to Aly when he needs career guidance in his next steps."  - Mom of a son who finally moved out of the house and pays his own bills

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