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If you want a great job or internship, you need to apply to any and every company you might be interested in!  Choose your list, click the grey button and connect instantly to PayPal.  A link to the list you purchase will be emailed to you immediately.  Each list has active links that connect directly to the individual company's career portal (or another source when that isn't available).  Stay organized and focused as you search for the next step in your career! Don't share - you'll only add to your competition! Scroll down to see what some of our customers have to say about the list they purchased.


"I purchased a TV Networks list for my job hunt.  It saved me a ton of time and I'm staying organized by checking off each company I applied to. Thanks!" - Hallie B.

"I like that it's not cluttered.  I didn't even know some of these companies existed.  I feel like I am ahead of the game now." - Mike S.

"My mom kept nagging me to apply for internships.  I'm abroad this semester and I don't have time.  This list saved me hours of searching for media agencies since I only know of a few." - Cristina M.

"I'm in my last semester of school.  I have midterms.  I don't have time to figure out where to apply for jobs.  Everyone and their mother uses Indeed.  Almost all of the links on my list are links to the actual job search portal at each company.  I feel like my chances of being called for an interview are better when I submit thru the company site." - Scott F.

"I felt like I was seeing the same positions posted over and over on search engines.  I bought the Finance list and started to send in my resume to positions that never came up in my search.  I'm finally getting interviews." - Jake S.

"I purchased the TV Network list for my daughter for her graduation.  As parents, we all want to help our kids, but don't want to do everything for them.  This list is a balance.  It provides some direction, but the effort has to come from within." - Mary H.

"I have 2 kids and a full time job.  I don't have time to search for a new position, even though I'm miserable in my current role.  I bought a list - huge time saver and it keeps me organized.  I absolutely hate the gazillion confirmation emails when I apply to jobs.  Now I just delete them and refer to this spreadsheet." - Amy P.

"I'm a junior and I purchased the E-Guide to Getting A Job.  First of all, it's hilarious.  Second, it was worth getting - now I know when I need to apply for jobs and what to do if my resume isn't filled with relevant stuff.  I'm going to buy the other e-guide because I only plan to do one internship and my part time job has nothing to do with my major. " - Derek N.

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